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— Lead Designer

— Wethos


Playcrafting is a global gaming community with a focus on creating custom video games, hosting exclusive events and classes, and offering branded partnerships to create the next wave of user-generated games. We were tasked with a brand redesign including recreating their website and crafting a new visual brand identity.


The digital redesign led by a team at Wethos included building a new website and creating updated branding. The goal was to better define (through messaging and visuals) what Playcrafting did so well-- custom games made by a talented community of nationwide developers. Because of the strong community component and established recognition within the gaming industry, the brand became more of an evolution than a complete overhaul.

Brand exploration
Information Architecture
Conceptual Design
Applied Design
Style Guide
Logo Exploration
We focused on imagery that highlighted the playing component of the brand and visuals that spoke to a video game persona as well as the brands who wanted to partner with PC. The final ideation of the logo is two pieces of the same controller which represent both a subtle nod to the gaming community and the opportunity to partner with Playcrafting to create your own games.
Brand Guide
We chose a bright and friendly color palette for Playcrafting’s new identity, as well as modern typography. Imagery and videos put the focus on authenticity with photos of real people from actual events, highlighting Playcrafting’s strong gaming community. The iconography too spoke to our unique target audiences reinforcing the bigger branded storytelling and guiding each persona to either play, learn or partner with the brand.


A straightforward, simple design that guided each audience to where they wanted to go was crucial to Playcrafting. We crafted a website that allowed them to consistently update events, classes and customer stories as well as regularly upkeep a blog that showcased the community and latest happenings.

In collaboration with the copywriter on the project, we strategized on both the placement of visual design as well as brand messaging to create wireframes that very clearly lead the audience to their desired goal.


Our team utilized Playcrafting’s solid brand ethos through both the brand assets and website design to make it clear to each audience the value of working with Playcrafting. We also created a design that allows them to consistently share their community in the future so the brand can continue to build upon itself.