UX/UI + Website



— Lead Designer

— Wethos


Through personalized candidate training, fellowships and leadership opportunities, Arena is a platform that helps talented first-time candidates enter ‘the political arena’ and run for office. We worked with their internal team on a collaborative website redesign project that focused on taking their new digital brand identity into a more user-friendly website experience for the 2020 election and beyond. Together, we built a scalable front end using existing design components and worked closely with the developers at Wethos to ensure an easy transition to Arena’s marketing team.


The redesign goal focused on highlighting the new identity while improving the user experience and making it easier for the internal Arena team to update on the fly.

Website Audit
Content Audit
Conceptual Design
Applied Design
Style Guide
While determining the layout of the site, telling a concise story was key to user experience. With this in mind, we focused our efforts on highlighting Arena’s academy, toolbox and candidate stories as well as removing fluff pages to showcase a more succinct brand identity.
Wireframes + Style Guide
The redesign focus was largely spent on defining a consistent theme before going into a complete redesign. The goal was also to be able to build off these pages for future development. In creating the style guide, we took Arena’s existing logo and typography and infused color into their black and white design to form the look of the website.


Once a synchronized theme was determined, we implemented this design across the site highlighting the brand elements and bringing to life the user experience that Arena was struggling to find previously.


Through our collaboration with Arena, we created an easy-to-edit modular design to help the client have control of the website for future development and produce a clear message for their existing and future audiences. In telling a more concise story through the user experience, we also enabled them to better support their community as well as aid candidates in the upcoming election.